Talents Overview

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Talents Overview

Post by Bengal_Tigger on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:29 pm

Overview of the talents available.


Thick Skin:  You take 20 reduced damage from basic attacks.  (Only 10 if you're ranged.)  +1 perk point.
Iron Ring:  +2 regeneration per second, and an additional 2 as an aura.  +1 perk point.
Glass Thorn:  +20 attack damage that pierces shields.  (Only 10 if you're ranged.)  No perk points.
Juniper Branch:  Activate to heal yourself or an ally for 300 hit points over 5 seconds.  3 charges; restores 1 charge every 120 seconds.  +1 perk point.
Skirmisher:  +150 shield.  Your shields regenerate 3 seconds sooner.  No perk points.



Titan's Bracer:  You take 30% less physical damage.  +100 hit points.  +1 perk point.
Spell Guard:  You take 30% less magical damage.  +2 perk points.
Celerity:  +20% attack speed.  Activate to sprint, moving 20% faster for 4 seconds.  +2 perk points.
Vampirism:  +10% life steal on attacks.  Effect is tripled when your shields are down.  +1 perk point.
Aftershock:  When you cast a spell on enemy heroes, they burn for 24% of their max hit points over 3 seconds.  Effect has a 15 second cooldown.  +1 perk point.
Bloodripper:  Your spells and attacks cause enemy heroes to bleed for 1% of their max hit points over 4 seconds.  Bleeding enemies receive 60% reduced healing.  +2 perk points.


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